Bhagavad Gita 2:31 (exerpt)

It is true.

(The background is anti-aircraft fire over the Kremlin during World War II.)


Savitri Devi Quote About Hinduism

Savitri Devi from her 1939 polemic, A Warning to the Hindus, where she warns of the rising tide of Islam in India. India has been partitioned since then, and this ensured an absolute Hindu majority in the Republic of India indefinitely, but a sizeable Mohammedan minority still lives there.

India, being an unbroken Indoeuropean culture, untained by alien religions like Europe and Persia, offers awakened Indoeuropean peoples an alternative perspective on how things should be. She offers a truly Indoeuropean, heathen, perspective that can be added to ancient European sources when the reconstructing heathenry elsewhere.

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